Professional Eyebrow Design for Women and Men


Professional Eyebrow Design for women is an essential beauty treatment that can dramatically change the overall appearance. The eyebrows frame the eyes and the entire face. When the eyebrows are professionally designed, they provide a classic and elegant look.

The process begins with a consultation, discussing what you envision for your eyebrows. The next step is an analysis of overall facial structure, shape of the face and assessment of seven individual features:

Age, Hairstyle, Forehead, Eyes, Nose, Lips and Chin.

The most suitable eyebrows are designed to make the face appear more symmetrical. The eyebrows are shaped according to individual facial features, the growth of the brows and the desired look. Stencils are not used because there is no predetermined eyebrow shape, each individual is unique and so too will the eyebrow design.


Eyebrow shaping for men provides a well groomed and polished look. The guidelines for designing men's brows differ substanially from female eyebrows. It is necessary to be careful not to overdo male eyebrows since there is the risk of causing the eyebrows to look feminine. Typically, all that is necessary is removing a few hairs here and there and cleaning up the area between the eyebrows.

Electrolysis Treatment for Women and Men:

Once the eyebrows have been professionally shaped, electrolysis treatments will eliminate the unwanted hair permanently.