Permanent Make-Up

Micro-Pigmentation Definition

Micro-Pigmentation, also known as Permanent Make-Up or Cosmetic Tattooing is a procedure where, single use, sterilized needles are used to deposit pigment into the dermal layer of the skin; the design follows the contours of the face resulting in a very natural look. Topical anesthetics are used to ensure the process is comfortable.

Micro-Pigmentation Advantages

Both men and women can benefit from having Micro-Pigmentation. Some reasons people choose to have it done are:

  • Facial features they would like to enhance;
  • Difficulty applying make-up;
  • Allergies or sensitivities to cosmetics;
  • Eyebrow and/or eyelash hair loss;
  • Busy lives and would like to spend less time on morning routines;
  • Breast reconstructive surgery and require areola re-pigmentation; and/or
  • Scars that require camouflage.

Types of Micro-Pigmentation Procedures for Men and Women

The most common Micro-Pigmentation procedures are:

  • Eyebrows;
    • For sparse or non-existent eyebrows, alleviates the need to pencil or shade eyebrows.
  • Eyeliner and eyelash enhancements, upper and lower;
    • Eyeliner defines the lash line and enhances the shape of the eyes; eyelash enhancements give the appearance of fuller lashes.
  • Lip Contour, lip lining, full lip color, lip re-shaping;
    • With the aging process there is a loss of natural lip color, this procedure increases the size and fullness of the lips, also defines the existing natural lip line. May also be used to re-define and re-shape a cleft lip. The results are natural and dramatic and eliminate the need for lipstick.
  • Scalp Re-pigmentation;
    • For men or women with hair loss, simulated hair strokes cover the scalp and provide the appearance of hair.
  • Scar Camouflage;
    • May be used to camouflage, post-operative scars, burns and hypo-pigmentation.
  • Areola restoration.
    • May be used after breast reconstruction surgery to simulate the areola or to enhance a non pigmented areola.

Micro-Pigmentation Consultation and Appointments

The consultation is a very important part of the Micro-Pigmentation procedure, during a consultation the Micro-Pigmentation procedure is explained in detail, including the risks and benefits. A consultation provides the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the final design and color. A medical questionnaire is completed, to ensure there are no contraindications. An information package with step by step detailed instructions on how to prepare for the Micro-Pigmentation procedure is provided.

A Micro-Pigmentation procedure takes approximately 2 to 4 hours, at the outset the design and color are confirmed and approved.

The healing process takes approximately one month. Once the Micro-Pigmentation procedure has healed there is a follow-up appointment, at that time any required finishing touches are added. The follow-up appointment is an integral part of the Micro-Pigmentation procedure and is included in the original cost.

Micro-Pigmentation Safety

Routine infection control practices are always followed. Only single use disposable needles and Canadian made hypo-allergenic pigments are used for all Micro-Pigmentation procedures.

Micro-Pigmentation Sensation and Duration

During Micro-Pigmentation procedures the skin is punctured, therefore some discomfort may be experienced; topical anesthetics are used. The level of discomfort varies according to individual tolerance and skill level of the technician.

Micro-Pigmentation is a permanent procedure and cannot be washed off since the pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. Fading can occur due to sun exposure and the use of certain cosmetic products, periodic touch-ups may be required.

Micro-Pigmentation Training and Equipment

We use the revolutionary methods of the Micro-Pigmentation Centre, a world class training facility, for further information visit

With all procedures we believe in using the safest and most advanced equipment available, the Nouveau Contour is a computerized-digital Micro-Pigmentation system. It provides the most accurate pigment placement and highest degree of color retention. The Nouveau Contour system has internal diaphragms that prevent contaminants from entering the hand piece thereby preventing the possibility of cross contamination. The Nouveau Contour system is manufactured in the Netherlands; for more information visit

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